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Hello!! Nice to meet you!! ~

Hello!! Welcome!!!

Some things about me:

I love all about Japan (culture, language, history, music, movies, doramas, animes...)!! ^.~
I love Music and Dance in general! ♥♥
I love Arashi! ♥ My ichiban is the cute riida Ohno Satoshi-kun! I think that his personality, his skills, his voice and his dancing moves are amazing!! He is a very interesting person!!
My OTP is Ohmiya! ♥♥ My favorite Arashi's songs are: Truth (Maouuu ~~), Niji (Nino-chan kawaii and beautiful song!), all Satoshi-kun solos ^.~ and Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (I love it sooo much)!! ♫♫

Languages that I speak: Portuguese, English and Spanish! ^.^

Nice to meet you all!!

Bye bye!! ^.~