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I just want to share here a little bit of my story with Arashi ^^
I'm an Arashi fan since 2008, because of the drama Maou.
I've always liked to watch japanese dramas and Maou caught my attention because it is totally the genre I like. The first time I saw Ohno Satoshi in my screen I felt my heart racing! This man was amazing in that drama. Such a talented actor and so beautiful! I couldn't stop watching him!
I instantly became his fan! Ohno-baited for sure!
Then I started to look for information about him and his works. I wanted more Satoshi!!! I was surprised when I discovered he was an artist too and a singer, a dancer, and so many things! My admiration for him became bigger and bigger! Then, I discovered Arashi and all their beautiful world! <3
I watched their shows, concerts, performances... I read their interviews... And I totally fell in love with those 5 awesome boys! And since then, I support them with all my love! It is a pleasure to follow their progress all this time and I wish them all the success of the world!
Satoshi is really precious to me and he will be my ichiban forever! <3
The first Arashi song I heard was Truth (because it was Maou opening song) XD~ I LOVED IT! It is my favorite song until today. It is special to my heart! ^^


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